Get to know the team behind at OutGeek Toronto!

This October, we’re partnering with to bring you our final 2023 session right in the heart of Toronto. The team is generously extending an invitation to the tech community, welcoming all to their Adelaide Street offices for engaging keynotes, plentiful networking opportunities, and delicious food and drinks. To learn more about the team, read the blog post and make sure to save your spot by RSVPing via

Accedo! We’re thrilled to have your team as our hosts for the upcoming final event in Toronto. Can you share some insights about your company and how your team innovatively pushes boundaries to create impactful video experiences?

At, our mission is to transform the video experience for audiences everywhere. We are a leading video experience platform, specializing in providing end-to-end solutions for video service providers, broadcasters, and media companies. Our goal is to enable our clients to deliver premium, personalized, and interactive video experiences to their viewers across all screens and devices.

Innovation is at the core of everything we do. Our team is committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the video industry. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and adopting best practices, we ensure that our solutions are not only state-of-the-art but also future-proof.

What makes your Toronto-based tech team or office stand out from others, such as your headquarters in Stockholm?

Most of the talent in our Toronto office works in professional services, providing white glove services to large corporations like CBC, Fox News, CNN, Sportsnet, and Cogeco. A high number of end users means we need to build our clients' native applications (applications pre-built into TVs, gaming devices, etc.) that can run efficiently across a variety of different platforms.

While our Stockholm headquarters is also primarily focused on professional services and serving the European market, you’ll find more talent in this office working on our in-house product: Accedo One. This product allows clients to build front end applications in a sandbox environment where they can design their own video app by changing everything from the look and feel of video swimlanes, font selection, and adding their own branding to the app.

Different demographics consume video content in different ways. For this reason, each of Accedo’s 15 global offices might prioritize certain market segments differently. Our Finland office as an example is focused on providing healthcare video solutions to their clients.

Could you sum up the atmosphere at your Toronto office in three words?

At our Toronto office, the atmosphere is best described as embodying our company values, Aspiration, Courage, and Trust. These three words define our collective approach to work and collaboration, elevating the foundation upon which our culture thrives.

As a team, we continuously strive for greatness and set ambitious goals, fueled by the aspiration to make a positive impact in the media industry and beyond. We embrace challenges with courage, taking bold and innovative steps to overcome obstacles and drive meaningful change. Lastly, trust binds us together, fostering an environment where everyone feels empowered and supported, enabling us to achieve remarkable results.

Our commitment to leaning on these values creates a culture-first dynamic that nurtures creativity, fosters growth, and nurtures a sense of belonging among all team members.

What sets working for Accedo apart and makes it a rewarding experience?

Accedo, as we mentioned, has organically set a culture-first dynamic and in such, we have made a clear stance in our policies and programs in ensuring the overall well-being of our team. We take pride and emphasize the development and growth among our team both inside and outside the office.

Additionally, we look forward to celebrating our team in many ways. On top of project team-based celebrations, previous events have included a yearly Summer and Winter Party, Ping pong tournaments, video/ board game and movie nights, and Paint and wine night. These events would also be inclusive of our remote Accedonians all over North America.

At Accedo, our feedback has been above and beyond in our employee satisfaction rates and we believe that with this approach, our employees thrive in our work environment here at Accedo!

Can you provide more details about the impact your company has had on the Toronto tech community? Given the challenges the tech sector has faced this year, such as layoffs and cost-cutting measures at various enterprises, what is the most significant lesson your team has learned from this experience?

Accedo’s Impact on the Toronto Tech Community:

  • Fostering Innovation: Accedo’s focus on cutting-edge streaming technologies has contributed to fostering a culture of innovation within Toronto’s tech ecosystem. By working on groundbreaking projects, we’ve helped push the boundaries of what’s possible in the streaming domain.
  • Creating Employment Opportunities: Our expansion and constant need for diverse talent across various technological fields have created numerous job opportunities. This has not only benefited professionals in the tech industry but has also contributed to the overall economic growth of the region.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: Accedo’s collaboration with local universities, tech incubators, and other businesses has facilitated a synergistic environment where ideas and knowledge are shared. These partnerships have led to more integrated and forward-thinking solutions.
  • Community Engagement: Beyond our commercial endeavors, we’ve engaged in community-building efforts, such as hosting tech meetups, workshops, and participating in local tech events. These initiatives have helped in creating a more cohesive and vibrant tech community in Toronto.
  • Championing Diversity: Accedo has prioritized diversity and inclusion in our hiring practices, helping to create a more inclusive tech community in Toronto. We believe that diverse perspectives lead to more innovative solutions.

Most Significant Lessons from Challenges:

As the tech industry reached a volatile stage within our current market, at Accedo we faced these challenges with adaptability and resilience. With this in mind, we have learned how to adapt and elevate our team and this wouldn’t have been possible without our proactive initiatives as an organization.

Flexibility and the ability to pivot when necessary can help organizations navigate uncertainties effectively and in doing so, we have collaborated with leadership to introduce a hybrid approach to work (ie. AccedoFlex). Combining the best of both worlds, we have established our new precedent in remote work collaboration by highlighting and focusing on the in-person “moments that matter”.

On a similar note, it is also important to value our approach to innovation as this is key to staying competitive and relevant in the tech industry. As Accedo explores new technologies, we invest in opportunities to better position ourselves to thrive and address changing market demands.

How does Accedo support and contribute to women in the tech community in Toronto?

Accedo has centered its focus on its developing contributions to women and BIPOC+ communities in Toronto. With a grass-roots approach to our DEI initiatives, we have begun to establish KPI goals and recurring event programming as we advance within the media streaming industry. Within our Toronto office, we have been at the forefront of this movement globally and cannot wait to see our next steps as we advance in our journey.

Within our diverse team, we have utilized programs such as:

  • DEI initiatives (Programs, Events, and Policies)
  • Mentorship and Leadership programs
  • Networking Events and Workshops
  • Support for Women in Leadership Roles
  • Recognition and Celebrations for our staff

Can you provide an overview of the tech job openings at Accedo for this summer and fall? Also, which positions do you expect to be the most difficult to fill in Toronto, and what are the reasons behind this challenge?

Accedo is at the forefront of the rapidly growing streaming industry, and we are currently in an exciting phase of expansion. To cater to our diverse clients, we are actively seeking talented individuals for the following positions:

  • Web Developers: Building and optimizing web platforms to provide seamless streaming experiences.
  • Android Developers: Developing user-friendly Android applications to cater to our client’s unique needs.
  • iOS Developers: Crafting innovative iOS applications with a focus on usability and design.
  • Quality Assurance Engineers (QAE): Ensuring the quality and performance of our platforms through rigorous testing.
  • Automation QA: Leveraging automation to efficiently test and validate our products.
  • Project Managers/Coordinators: Coordinating and managing projects to ensure timely delivery and adherence to quality standards.
  • Roku Developers: Specializing in the development of apps for the Roku platform, enhancing the streaming experience for users.
  • Product Designers: Creating and implementing designs that resonate with our client’s brand and user needs.
  • UX Designers: Shaping the user experience through thoughtful design and user-centered practices.

Challenging Positions to Fill in Toronto:

Among these roles, the position of Roku Developer is expected to be particularly challenging to fill. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Niche Platform: Roku is a more specialized platform compared to mainstream giants like iOS and Android, leading to a smaller pool of developers with the required expertise.
  2. Complex Development Process: The development process for Roku apps may be viewed as more intricate, possibly deterring some developers who are familiar with other platforms.
  3. Limited Reach in Certain Markets: The restricted presence of Roku devices in some markets might lead to a lower number of developers specializing in this platform.

Accedo is committed to attracting top talent to fuel our continued growth in the streaming industry. While we are excited about the opportunities ahead, the specialized nature of some roles, particularly Roku developers, presents unique challenges. We will be focusing our recruiting efforts on sourcing the right talent for these positions, tapping into niche networks, and leveraging our industry connections.

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