Scoutbee Hosted OutGeek Berlin on the 28th of September

This September, we’ve teamed up with Scoutbee to bring you the grand finale of our 2023 tech sessions right here in the buzzing heart of Berlin. Scoutbee’s tech team is rolling out the red carpet, inviting the entire Berlin community — from job seekers to hiring champs — to their headquarters for an evening filled with short and sweet keynotes, networking, and appetizers so good, you’ll think they’re coding miracles.

Want to get to know the Scoutbee crew better? Dive into our blog post to get the inside scoop. But don’t stop there — secure your spot now by RSVPing via 🤓👾🍻

Greetings, Scoutbee, and welcome to OutGeek Berlin! We’re eager to learn more about your company and how your AI-powered supplier insights contribute to enhancing business outcomes.

Thank you! We’re happy to host the OutGeek event and be part of the Berlin tech community! For those who haven’t heard of Scoutbee yet, we are on a mission to connect the world’s procurement and supply chain to any data point needed to drive sustainable, cost-efficient, and innovative decisions. We are taking procurement beyond spreadsheets and standard databases.

Our clients can consolidate their supplier data in one place, in our AI-powered Scoutbee Intelligence Platform (SIP). The platform uses graph technology and predictive and prescriptive analytics to deliver supplier visibility. With our Supplier Discovery solution, we also utilize AI to find new suppliers and generate comprehensive supplier profiles, ensuring access to dynamic and up-to-date information. This ultimately helps procurement to make confident supplier decisions.

What makes your tech office in Berlin special?

Germany is a top global hub for software development, and Berlin especially is a great place for developers to live and work. At Scoutbee, we strive to create an environment where our employees can take ownership of their careers, stay relevant in the industry, and continuously keep learning. We foster a culture of open communication and cross-team collaboration, where everyone has the opportunity to contribute to our shared vision of “Better data. Better decisions. Better world.”

We also have a beautiful terrace, where we grow our own herbs and can chill out and shoot a few hoops in the evenings!

Can you describe the three words that best capture the atmosphere at your Berlin office?

It’s really hard to sum up the atmosphere at our office in just three words but excellence, diversity, and purpose would be a good start.

Diversity: is evident in the range of cultures, backgrounds, perspectives, and skill sets found throughout the office — we have employees from over 20 countries so you can imagine! This makes for a really interesting working environment, where everyone is respected and encouraged to bring their own unique strengths to the table.

Excellence: We consistently aim to deliver high-quality services, while striving to do our best work in all aspects of our business.

Finally, creating a sense of purpose: We’re passionate about what we do and are always focused on achieving our common goals — while having fun at the same time.

It appears that your team is gearing up for a busy autumn, with plans to attend events in Phoenix, Vienna, and Amsterdam. Could you share the goals and objectives you’re aiming to achieve through these events?

Yes, we have some really exciting events coming up. We’re kicking off the autumn event season in September at the North American Supply Chain Executive Summit (NASCES), one of the most influential industry events in the US. Scoutbee is expanding rapidly in the US market and we have a dedicated sales team there who are creating some truly amazing opportunities for us.

In October, we’ll also be attending the SAP Spend Connect Live Summit as one of their endorsed partners. The event brings together a community of procurement and supply chain leaders from businesses and industries around the world to share ideas, learn from each other’s success, and discuss best practices.

And last but definitely not least, we’ll be attending the Digital Procurement World Congress in Amsterdam. It’s all about “Making Tech Work” and discussing how the procurement industry will deliver on its digital aspirations. At the event, we’ll be showcasing how our generative AI-powered features can help deliver on those aspirations, alongside an extremely prominent client.

Can you share details/examples about how your company contributes to the tech community in Berlin?

While we are strongly connected to the tech community in Berlin, we aim to contribute to tech developments and innovation on a global level.

In our Berlin office, we host regular meet-ups — our last meet-up was called “Damn! That’s good data!” Led by our VP of Data & Enterprise Architecture, it was dedicated to bringing data experts together to discuss this hot topic, as well as how Scoutbee builds knowledge graphs and why this is relevant to our enterprise customers.

We also regularly share insights on our products at conferences such as WeareDevelopers, EuroPython, or QCon San Francisco, where we will be discussing how to build a defensible model in the new tech world with LLMs. And we’re fortunate that one of our Strategic Advisory Board members leads the Digital Supply Chain Transformation Lab at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, which gives us the chance to tap into that knowledge to exchange ideas and innovation.

So, all in all, we’re pretty active in the tech community!

Can you give us an overview of the tech job openings at Scoutbee for the upcoming autumn? Which positions do you think will be the hardest to fill this year, and what makes them so challenging?

For autumn 2023, along with the two current positions for our Corporate IT and Data Teams, we are expecting to expand our Engineering team with a mid-senior level backend engineer. At the start of 2024, we’ll be looking at expanding our Engineering and Data teams and hiring a data engineering manager, frontend engineer, backend engineer, and UI/UX product designer.

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