TD Bank Speed Dates Their Way to 10 New Hires

Last October our team organized a private recruiting event for TD Bank, which resulted in 10 hires. This March, we organized two additional private events for the bank to celebrate International Women’s Month, and while we’re waiting for the results, here’s a case study about how we helped the TD team efficiently meet and hire highly skilled technical employees.


TD Bank is the sixth-largest bank in North America, serving 22 million customers around the globe, and is a branch of the Toronto-Dominion Bank based in Canada. TD Bank is active in local communities, providing financial assistance, volunteering, and hosting inclusive events to bring people together. They are donating $750 million by 2030 “to improve financial security, create a vibrant planet, connect communities and encourage better health.” With over 85,000 employees, TD Bank represents one of the strongest global banking teams.


While TD Bank is known for its strong workforce, the TD bank team needed to recruit mid- and senior-level technical talent for their growing tech team. Recruiting this level of talent has shown to be challenging for many businesses, requiring strategy and inclusivity to achieve success. TD Bank sought highly skilled Automation Engineers, Java Software Developers, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, and UI/UX designers.

DNI’s experience with progressive tech hiring made us the right choice for this collaboration. As our team began planning the event, we closely collaborated with TD Bank to understand their needs. We needed to strike an equal balance to recruit male and female-identifying candidates, as well as underrepresented minorities. TD Bank values diversity of all kinds and wanted this event to reflect their culture and values. They had 3 goals for the event:

1. Promotion of TD Bank diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives

2. Cohesive TD Bank branding throughout the event

3. Hire 4 mid-/senior-level tech professionals


The team hosted a private recruiting event for TD Bank to attract the best mid- and senior-level talent. We signed a diverse group of 138 mid- and senior-level candidates to attend a virtual private recruiting event via Hopin’s event platform technology. While face-to-face recruiting allows companies and candidates to develop camaraderie, this virtual event allowed DNI and TD Bank to leverage these skilled workers’ schedules, ensure attendees were safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and ultimately recruit more candidates.

The DNI team took care of all the event preparation activities, including sourcing and registering candidates, promoting the event to underrepresented communities in the tech space with a 4-week timeline, leading demos for the TD Bank team and guest presenters, and developing a creative and engaging brand experience through event design and format on the Hopin platform.

The event agenda included three keynote speakers from the tech industry: Vice President of Business Information Security Controls and Governance Carol Wilson, TDS Data Science Engineering Team Lead Lucas Durand, and ID Assurance and Authentication Technology Team Lead Jacquelyn Liddy. These sessions provided attendees with the necessary background information to learn more about TD Bank’s culture and how TD Bank could support their long-term professional growth.

In addition to the keynote speakers, there were breakout Q&A sessions, allowing event attendees to learn more about a specific position within the technical team, and connect with current TD Bank employees. These sessions promoted interaction and fostered a connection similar to an in-person networking event.

While networking in a group setting allowed TD Bank to efficiently interact with a group of candidates interested in a specific role, speed interviews fostered an individual connection between candidates and TD Bank representatives. Throughout the event, 159 speed interviews occurred, allowing TD Bank to learn more about mid and senior-level technical candidates present at the event.
Throughout this 2-hour event, TD Bank was able to quickly interface with 86 attendees and identify the best candidates for additional interview rounds.

Result & Impact

DNI fulfilled all 3 of TD Bank’s goals for the event in just 4 weeks. By promoting the event and targeting candidates with diverse backgrounds, their first goal was accomplished. The Hopin platform allowed DNI to infuse TD Bank’s branding and culture in all aspects of the event, achieving the second aim. After the event, their last goal was exceeded by 60%. TD Bank’s objective was to hire 4 mid-/senior-level employees for their open technical positions. They hired 10 of the candidates who attended the private recruiting event.

There were 3 main takeaways from TD Bank’s private recruiting event:

  1. Registered 136 candidates to attend a virtual private recruiting event, 86 of them attended at the event (22% higher than Hopin’s industry average)
  2. Conducted 159 speed interviews during the session
  3. Hired 10 mid-/senior-level candidates for technical positions, exceeding TD’s hiring goal by 60%

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