Blacklane hosts OutGeekWomen x Berlin

Come and join us as we collaborate with Blacklane to present OutGeekWomen x Berlin, an event in honor of International Women’s Month, set in the lively Schöneberg neighborhood. The Blacklane tech team warmly invites the entire Berlin tech community, extending a welcome to technical job seekers and fellow tech teams to join them at their HQ. Expect an evening filled with dynamic keynotes by the Blacklane tech team and by other participating and hiring tech teams, plentiful networking opportunities, and a good atmosphere.

Interested in learning more about Blacklane? Explore more details right here in this blog! And also, seize the opportunity - a few team and talent spots are available via!

Greetings, Blacklane! A big thank you for hosting OutGeekWomen Berlin! We're keen to delve into your company's ethos and understand how you contribute to the peace of mind for business travelers navigating a dynamic world.

Thank you, we’re very excited about our partnership!  For those who don’t already know us, Blacklane is the leading global provider of chauffeur services, active in more than 50 countries. We ensure that our customers have access to reliable, premium ground transportation across the world. We are totally dedicated to creating seamless experiences for travelers, offering true peace of mind on their journeys.

This commitment extends beyond customer satisfaction to providing sustainable incomes for chauffeur service providers and being environmentally conscious. By guaranteeing transparent pricing and focusing on ethical practices, we aim to elevate the overall travel experience.  As a business, we’re growing fast and are driving profitable growth across regions and expanding our services.  For example, we just launched our City-to-Slopes service; 33 routes that take winter sports enthusiasts straight to their resort of choice.  By constantly evolving and adapting to the dynamic needs of the market, Blacklane ensures its continued success and relevance.

We've heard about your commitment to sustainability. Could you share the percentage of electric rides in your fleet and elaborate on the significance of this focus for a company like yours?

Certainly! As you mentioned, we are dedicated to sustainability in the transportation industry, aligning with our mission "to care" for guests, employees, chauffeurs, and the world. Our commitment to sustainability is evident through our focus on electric vehicles (EVs) and other environmental initiatives. As of the end of 2023, we have successfully delivered 15% of our global rides using electric vehicles, showcasing a substantial contribution to reducing carbon emissions. Looking ahead, we have set ambitious targets, planning to increase the share of global rides in EVs to 35% by the end of 2024 and further escalate to 50% by the end of 2025.  Our commitment to sustainability is also reflected in our carbon offsetting practices. Since 2017, we have been offsetting all carbon emissions from trips, making each ride and route 100% carbon neutral. This initiative, certified by Cooper Parry, is an industry-first and underscores Blacklane's dedication to environmental responsibility.  Finally, our involvement in initiatives such as The Climate Pledge, Leaders for Climate Action, and the Solar Impulse Foundation demonstrates our active participation in global sustainability efforts.

In the context of fostering diversity and inclusion, how does Blacklane support and encourage the participation of women in the tech industry, and what initiatives or programs are in place to ensure equal opportunities?

Firstly, we've implemented internal initiatives, including a referral program with a special bonus for referrals related to Women in Leadership roles. Additionally, our Compensation and Benefits team is dedicated to narrowing the gender pay gap, ensuring equal opportunities for everyone. As the Talent Attraction Team, we recognize the importance of inclusive hiring and are committed to taking practical steps to ensure a fair and inclusive recruitment process that provides access to a diverse range of individuals who might otherwise be excluded.

Can you encapsulate the atmosphere at your office in three words?

Vibrant, Inclusive, Empowering!

What sets the experience of working at Blacklane apart from other companies?

Nestled in the serene yet lively Schöneberg neighborhood, our founders, Jens Wohltorf and Frank Steuer, envisioned a company where people genuinely enjoy their work. This vision holds true today as Blacklane brings together talented individuals from around the world, dedicated to meaningful work and committed to the company's growth and success. In return, Blacklane invests in its employees in various ways. Every Blacklane team member has the chance to advance their career through continuous learning in the Blacklane Academy. Moreover, we wholeheartedly embrace our core values, including 'Care,' which is evident in all aspects of our benefits and perks. We prioritize the well-being of our employees, providing support at every stage of their lives.

For example, our Employee Assistance Program extends assistance to our employees and their immediate family members, helping them overcome any challenges they may face. Additionally, we emphasize work-life balance through initiatives such as flexible working hours, the opportunity for global remote work for up to 6 weeks per year, and comprehensive time-off plans. These programs are designed to ensure that our employees thrive at every stage of life.

We're interested in your current technology job openings for the spring/summer 2024. Could you provide an overview? Additionally, which of these positions do you foresee as the most challenging to fill, and what factors contribute to this challenge?

This year, we will emphasize hiring in the technology domain, with additional positions being introduced over the course of the year. Meanwhile, we are actively recruiting for various roles within our technology divisions, and detailed information about these positions can be found on our career website linked here. Rather than categorizing a role as challenging to fill, our focus lies in striking the right balance. It involves ensuring that a prospective candidate aligns with our ongoing projects, opportunities for career advancement, and other relevant factors. Simultaneously, we aim to confirm that the candidate shares alignment with our mission, vision, and values.

A warm thank you to Blacklane for hosting OutGeekWomen x Berlin! To explore career opportunities with Blacklane, check out their career site here or apply through!

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