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So many trends have come and gone in the tech world.

Remember when people thought Uber would replace car ownership? And then it was all about remote work being the future? Oh, and let’s not forget the hype around Google’s self-driving cars and the Metaverse craze. And of course, there’s always the talk about Elon Musk being a genius, though some of us have our doubts!

But there's one thing we’re not skeptical about is the current tech recession. Instead, we prefer to frame it as "tech reshuffling." Major corporations are recalibrating their strategies, prioritizing profitability as the era of abundant capital and investing frenzy are behind us. Meanwhile, smaller companies are either facing closure due to unresolved capital rounds or pivoting to new ideas and niches. All of this is occurring against the backdrop of reduced spending in tech for tech solutions and the looming recession that has been discussed since 2021.

To us, this looks like a time of opportunity for women to step up and seize more tech roles - and we are here to help.

Despite the layoffs happening across the industry, ZipRecruiter found that an impressive 80% of laid-off tech workers were able to land new jobs within three months. It’s a challenging time, but there are still plenty of opportunities out there for those willing to adapt and persevere. For those on the job hunt, we regularly host events to provide support and networking opportunities. Our waiting list can be found on our landing page.

Our events this winter and spring:

  • OutGeekWomen x Vancouver — February 20th, 2024 @ Deloitte Summit Building
  • OutGeekWomen x Atlanta — February 29th, 2024 @ Cox Enterprises Atlanta HQ
  • OutGeekWomen x Berlin — March 12th, 2024 @ Blacklane Berlin HQ
  • OutGeekWomen x Munich — March 14th, 2024 x QualityMinds GmbH
  • OutGeekWomen x Chicago — March 21st, 2024 @ CCC Intelligent Solutions
  • OutGeekWomen x Porto — April 10th, 2024 — we are looking for a host!
  • OutGeekxWomen x Lisbon — April 16th, 2024 @ Salsify Lisbon
  • OutGeekWomen x Amsterdam — April 25th, 2024 — we are looking for a host!

👧 Get Involved Now!

We’re currently seeking volunteers to assist us in organizing exciting events for women in tech. Come be part of something special! 📩 hello@outgeek.org

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