Salsify Hosts OutGeekWomen in Lisbon!

This April, we’re teaming up with the Salsify team in Lisbon to bring you the first OutGeekWomen event right here in the bustling heart of Lisbon. The Salsify tech team is rolling out the red carpet, inviting the entire Lisbon community — job seekers and HR people alike — to their office for an evening filled with short and sweet keynotes, networking, and delicious appetizers!

Curious to learn more about the Salsify team? Dive into our blog post to get the inside scoop. But don’t stop there — secure your spot now by RSVPing via

Oh hey there, Salsify! A big thank you for hosting the OutGeekWomen event in Lisbon! We’re really excited to hear more about how your team contributes to boosting efficiency, driving growth, and leading the way on the digital shelf for brands, retailers, and distributors.

Hey there! We’re excited to be partnering with OutGeek on this event this spring! 

To share more about what we do, we proudly lead the way in the Product Experience Management (PXM) and content activation space. More simply, we help brands and retailers to stand out on the digital shelf. Our platform ensures that our customers maintain and manage the highest quality content of their products, providing their consumers better decision-making abilities when it comes to their own product purchases. For tech professionals seeking to make a significant impact and work on complex challenges, Salsify provides an unparalleled opportunity to work at the forefront of digital commerce, where your expertise will directly contribute to transforming how brands and retailers engage with their customers. 

Can you expand on how Salsify is dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion throughout the organization?    

Sure! At Salsify, we believe that the foundation of our culture is deeply rooted in the health of our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Our five ERGs are the heartbeat of our culture and vital to creating a sense of community in a company that is committed to a remote-first mindset globally.

That said, we know that fostering an inclusive culture doesn't stop with our ERGs. We recognize that leadership plays a crucial role in setting the tone for company culture. To this end, our leaders are always learning how to improve their inclusivity. Currently, our executives are completing a comprehensive 360 inclusive leadership assessment, which will identify areas of strength in fostering inclusivity as well as opportunities for growth. By participating in this assessment, our leaders actively are demonstrating their commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion through example.

Within the framework of promoting diversity and inclusion, could you elaborate on how the Salsify team actively supports and encourages the involvement of women in the tech industry? Additionally, what specific initiatives or programs have been implemented to guarantee equal opportunities for everyone at your Lisbon offices?

When it comes to championing diversity and inclusion, especially for women in the tech realm, Salsify has proven success. We've taken proactive steps to ensure we are attracting the right talent, starting with an evaluation and update of our hiring practices and job specifications. Our goal is to cast a wider net and ensure everyone feels welcome and heard while working at Salsify.

One area that we have focused on is compensation. We have read the studies and want to ensure that all our employees—regardless of gender—are compensated fairly. Utilizing gender-neutral salary bands, which ensure compensation is based on skill and level, as well as conducting regular reviews, keep any potential biases in check. 

We know that representation matters and we are proud that our Executive Leadership Team is made up of nearly 50% women. We make sure to have female representation at all levels of the organization to ensure a deep bench of talent to grow. Throughout the year, our female leaders team up with our Employee Resource Groups to share insights and inspire the next generation of leaders. 

Additionally, we have sought out partnerships with empowering groups like Portuguese Women In Tech and of course OutGeek!

Can you summarize the atmosphere at your Lisbon offices in three words?

Friendly, Welcoming, Approachable

What sets the experience of working at Salsify apart from other companies, both in Portugal and internationally?

While many companies are returning to in-person or hybrid work, Salsify is committed to staying remote-first. While we value face-to-face interaction, we understand the power of flexibility. Remote-first work allows our team members to tailor their work schedule with their lifestyle, whether they're balancing caregiving responsibilities or pursuing passion projects beyond the office. We prioritize your well-being and will work with you to ensure you have the support you need to thrive.

Sometimes we know it can be hard to step away from work, so in addition to flexible vacation hours where employees take time off based on what’s important to them, Salsify offers company-wide unplug days and extra time off throughout the summer months.

Finally, Salsify has a robust company culture that allows employees to grow professionally, innovate in their field, and embrace their individuality. Here we celebrate diversity and recognize that each team member brings something valuable to the table!

We’re keen on exploring your current technology job openings for spring and summer 2024. Could you give us a brief overview? Which among these positions do you anticipate being the most challenging to fill, and what factors contribute to this challenge?

We’re hiring for a wide variety of tech and tech adjacent roles this year as we scale up several research and development teams in Portugal.

Most notably, we’re on the lookout for talented Software Engineers at all levels of seniority. Our backend engineers work in Ruby or Python and our frontend engineers have experience in Ember or React. While hiring engineers with experience in these specific languages and frameworks is highly challenging and competitive, we prioritize bringing on team members who demonstrate and express a willingness to learn our tech stack. We’re committed to building a diverse and dynamic team. By prioritizing mindset and potential, we're fostering a culture of growth and innovation.

So, if you're ready to take on a challenge and you're passionate about your tech craft, we'd love to hear from you! 

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